Zoom vs. Join.me

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Zoom vs. Join.me

Video conferencing a booming market and more and more companies are getting into the mix. Zoom is an industry leader in video conferencing, with competitive pricing. Join.me is a solid platform for online meetings, and offers some video conferencing features at different price points. How you choose a platform is up to you.


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing and messaging application that offers state-of-the-art sound. It is user-friendly for both hosts and participants. This modern tool excels as a collaboration tool, showing multiple participant screens and video at once, and connections from any device. Zoom includes team chat and encryption so you know your meetings are secure.

For enhanced control, Zoom meeting organizers choose which screens show for all participants, and organizers can mute all audio with a simple tap. Zoom integrates with Office 365, Google, and Exchange calendars to make scheduling easy.

Zoom also works well in Zoom rooms – entire rooms customized to take advantage of Zoom’s many features. Learn more here (link to the Overhaul Your Conference Call Experiences with Zoom Rooms blog post).

With the free, Zoom Basic, you can show up to 25 video feeds at once. Need to scale up with video and participants? Zoom’s video webinar solution can have 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 or more attendees.


Join.me is also a cloud-based platform for team collaboration. Join.me offers many of the same features as Zoom: screen sharing, file sharing, and meeting tools such as on-screen annotation. Join.me supports video conferencing with up to 10 for the PRO and BUSINESS plans.

With Join.me, you can make international internet calls, customize your meeting URL and background, and configure single sign-on for enterprises.

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Zoom Pricing

  • Zoom Basic is free to use. Basic can host as many as 100 participants and offers unlimited one-on-one and group meetings for up to 40 minutes.
  • Zoom Pro, at $14.99 per host, per month, is ideal for smaller teams. Zoom Pro has all the features of the basic plan, plus an admin control feature and custom personal meeting ID. Zoom Pro accommodates meetings up to 25 hours long and with up to 100 participants, and offers 1 GB of either MP4 or M4A cloud recording capacity.
  • Zoom Business is for both small and medium businesses and runs $19.99 per month, per host. It supports a minimum of 10 hosts and includes 300 participants. Zoom Business adds workplace-focused features such as phone support, optional vanity URL, single sign-on, custom emails and company branding. Other features of the Zoom Business plan include an admin dashboard, on-premise deployment options, managed domains and LTI integration.
  • Zoom Enterprise, also $19.99 per month per host, is ideal for large companies with a minimum of 50 hosts and up to 1,000 participants. Zoom Enterprise offers unlimited cloud storage and a devoted customer success manager, as well as executive business reviews and bundle discounts on additional features.
  • Optional Add-ons Zoom offers the following a la carte add-ons:
    • Extra cloud recording storage for about $40 per month
    • 323/SIP Room Connector starting at $49 per month
    • Join by Zoom Rooms starting at $49 per month
    • Call Me starting at $100 per month
    • Video Webinars starting at $40 per month

Join.me Pricing

Unlike Zoom, Join.me does not have a free-to-use options. You can sign up for a free trial. Plans are per month and billed annually.

  • LITE costs $10 per month and allows for up to 5 participants per meeting. There are no webcam streams, but number and length of meetings is unlimited.
  • PRO includes the LITE features and more for $20 per month. With PRO you can have 10 webcam streams, 250 participants per meeting, toll-free numbers, and 50 GB of cloud storage for recording.
  • BUSINESS includes all the PRO features, single sign-on, bulk user import, and 1 TB of cloud storage. BUSINESS can also integrate with Salesforce.com, and costs $30 per month.

What’s right for your organization

Customer satisfaction surveys show that users are equally happy with Zoom and Join.me, so you need to determine which features make or break your decision. If you need scalability for the number of video participants and clear audio, Zoom is the right choice.

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