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Overhaul Your Conference Call Experiences with Zoom Rooms

Most of us can quickly think of several issues we’ve had with conference calls and video conferencing. Downloading clunky software, multiple clicks to add audio and video, poor quality sound, and ineffective collaboration tools cause frustration and limit productivity. You can solve all these problems for your business with Zoom Rooms.

What is a Zoom Room?

Zoom Rooms are modernized meeting spaces for easy collaboration through technology. Zoom Rooms combine Zoom’s cloud platform for one-touch wireless conferencing with sleek hardware for flawless video and audio. The Zoom technology accommodates any size rooms your office has, so that you don’t have to worry about scalability or your team members huddling around microphones and speakers just to be heard.

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How do Zoom Rooms Enhance Productivity?

Zoom allows users to present content wirelessly, and it’s simple. When you bring your laptop or mobile device into the Zoom Room, your device connects automatically. With a single tap or click, your scheduled or instant meeting start without you fumbling into your calendar or other tools.

Zoom integrates with Office 365, Google, and Exchange calendars to make it easy to book Zoom Rooms. What’s more, participants to do not to install any software to connect to a meeting.

And sharing content is a snap. Multiple attendees can show desktops simultaneously with the three-screen option that shows the active speaker, content, and a gallery view. Zoom also supposes sharing video clips with audio. For ultimate control from a tablet, the host can mute and unmute attendees, and lock the meeting if needed.

Zoom Rooms Scalability and Maintenance

For businesses that need to scale up and monitor use, the Zoom Room Admin dashboard is right for you. Using the dashboard, you can monitor room usage in real-time and access historical data, no matter how many Rooms you support. What better way to determine if you need more Rooms?

IT saves time and money maintaining Zoom Rooms over traditional conferencing systems. IT can use a single portal to push software updates to the Rooms they choose. IT can also configure alerts for any issues that come up and send the alerts to the best IT team based on location.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In addition to Zoom Rooms licensing, you need the following hardware:

  • A PC, Mac, or Chromebox
  • A display, such as an LED monitor
  • A tablet or other mobile device to control the meeting (e.g., muting participants)
  • A speaker and microphone
  • A camera to show the room’s happy faces!

How MacroNet can Help

MacroNet is skilled in deploying these state of the art Zoom Rooms, in all sizes. We customize acoustic panels to create an immersive experience for your brand. Contact our team today to see how we can seamlessly integrate a collaboration room into your organization.

Contact our team today to see how we can seamlessly integrate a collaboration room into your organization.

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