Why You Should Work With a Telcom Agent in 2022

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Designing business network solutions has become a much more sophisticated task in just the last four years.  SD-WAN has become a mature technology, SASE (Secure Access Services Edge) security features are rapidly evolving, and multi-cloud networking is becoming a requirement.  In parallel, the UCaaS and CCaaS landscape has evolved to include an array of specialized solutions that can integrate SaaS offerings into application-based workflows that can be optimized for each business unit.

IT leaders need a team that can easily navigate the provider landscape and design solutions specific to their current and future business needs while avoiding costly and time-consuming pitfalls.  The industry has recognized that telecom agents, also known as Value-Added Services Distributors, have the talent and supplier knowledge to properly align a client’s needs with the technology solutions for their business.

Because of this, service providers have invested heavily in indirect channel sales to enable agents with comprehensive partner tools, support organizations, and training.  According to Accenture, channel sales now represent over 80% of global sales and this percentage is expected to grow as more strategic sales leaders focus on channel relationships as their go-to-market strategy.

Macronet now represents over 300 service providers, and we have the skills and experience to design, source, implement, and govern complex network services for our clients.  Our Methodology allows us to customize near-term and long-term strategies for our clients which position IT as a true partner of the business.  Some of the benefits of working with an experienced agent include:

  • Portfolio of industry leading suppliers
  • Unbiased sourcing model
  • Unparalleled industry insights and analytics
  • Design experience and expertise
  • Analysis and executive communication
  • Expert governance and escalation management
  • Expense and Asset Management SaaS Solutions
  • Professional consulting services

Our clients understand that we are not driven by intense sales quotas and will often reach out simply to discuss IT initiatives and to gain insight into our experience garnered from engagements across industry verticals.  They lean on us to vet out suppliers and to use our industry contacts for real-world insight into supplier offerings and their ability to execute.

The power of the indirect channel gives top agents, and thereby our clients, leverage with the suppliers that is difficult for clients to gain solely through a direct channel purchase.  Suppliers understand that the vast agent community shares user feedback, which can propel or sink annual sales numbers which incentivizes them to perform for our clients.  Further, experienced agents like Macronet are experts in managing trouble escalations with service providers and have proven strategies for customer success and the definition of and tracking of service level metrics.

Most of the new client engagements at Macronet come from the referrals of satisfied clients who have sourced services from Macronet or who have engaged consultants from our deep bench at Macronet Services for auditing, expense management, IT project management, Audio Visual (A/V), or an array of other skills.  Please contact us anytime for an unbiased and insightful conversation about your IT needs.

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