WEBINAR: Strategies to Deploy Microsoft Teams Voice and Build a First-Class Collaboration Room

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MacroNet recently hosted a webinar with partners 8×8 and DGI Communications on how to implement first-class Microsoft Teams Voice and Teams Rooms solutions for the global enterprise.

MacroNet has designed the optimal end user experience for Microsoft Teams by partnering with industry leaders in UCaaS (8×8) and AV Integration (DGI Communications).

The content of the webinar highlights how we are helping our clients implement Microsoft Teams vision of a globally unified communications platform through the integration of partners like 8×8 and DGI to deliver Microsoft Teams Voice and Teams Rooms.

In a nutshell, you’ll learn:

  • How to deploy Microsoft Teams voice
  • How to build a first-class Microsoft Teams Collaboration room
  • How enterprises are deploying Microsoft Teams solutions to boost productivity and improve collaboration on a global scale

Key Highlights:

2:59 What is Next-Generation Wide Area Network Transformation?

7:20 8×8 Voice Capabilities for Microsoft Teams

16:10 Microsoft Teams and Salesforce in Action

22:02 Analytics and Reporting in Microsoft Teams

26:47 Global AV Design and Integration for Microsoft Teams Collaboration Rooms with DGI Communications and Macronet

30:56 Hardware and Features required for Microsoft Teams Rooms

37:55 Using Virtual Reality for AV Design

43:28 Wearable Collaboration for the hands-free workforce

44:45 How MacroNet deployed Microsoft Teams for a Global Manufacturer with 5200 employees and 80 office locations

48:10 Audience Q&A

How Are Enterprises Taking Collaboration to the Next Level with Microsoft Teams?

Check out our latest blog post to learn more about the vast capabilities of Microsoft Teams and how Macronet can help evaluate and roll out these types of solutions across your global enterprise.

Interested in deploying a Microsoft Teams solution?

Having hands-on and in-depth experience with the industry’s leading UC providers, our team takes a unique approach to designing and sourcing solutions that best meet your unique communications requirements.

Let’s begin with an open conversation around your business and communications objectives. From there, let us build out a proof of concept so you can give a full view into how a UCaaS solution can benefit your business.

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