Ask the Experts: Is Unified Communications a Good Fit for My Business?

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 Ask the Experts: Is Unified Communications a Good Fit for My Business?

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a mass move to cloud-based communications solutions. It’s predicted that the global cloud-based communications mark will grow from $6.80 billion in 2017 to $20.93 billion by 2022! We’ve especially seen a significant push by large global enterprises as their service contracts come up for expiration.

Why Unified Communications?

Overall, UCaaS is a great alternative to on-premise solutions. Organizations that leverage cloud-based communications systems experience greater scalability, speed in time-to-market, flexibility and agility during this shift in the workforce.

With this rapid growth, you may be thinking that now is a good time to start thinking about if you should make the switch. However, how do you know if UCaaS is a good fit for your organization?

To help you evaluate if your organization is a good candidate for this transformation, here are three common use cases that indicate now is a good time to consider UCaaS for your business:

3 Use Cases that make your Organization a Strong Candidate for UCaaS


1. Do you have multiple locations?

Do you have numerous locations or disperse sites across a geographic region? Whether your locations are within a single state or across the globe, UCaaS can improve reliability and QoS (quality of services). UCaaS enables organizations with many locations to deliver a seamless communications service to their employees while maintaining exceptional QoS. Today, most cloud unified communications systems can seamlessly integrate SDWAN or MPLS enabling QoS across the globe.


2. Are you a rapidly growing start-up?

As a start-up or company that needs to scale rapidly, a cloud-based communications system gives you the flexibility and ability to scale with your business. UCaaS enables you to easily scale up and down without issues. Using an on-premise system, adding users and provisioning equipment are lengthy and time-consuming processes. With UCaaS, you can easily add and delete users as staffing changes. User types can also be changed as employees change positions. A cloud-based communications system can rapidly and easily scale with your business as you grow.


3. Have you recently undergone a merger or acquisition?

After a merger or acquisition, it is common for enterprises to be faced with multiple communications networks and systems, with time and speed as key factors of the decision making process. With UCaaS, time is not of concern. Average phone systems take an average of 60-90 days to transfer, while cloud-based communications systems can turn up same-day service or take no longer than one week. Time to scale is key. Reducing the amount of time to transfer systems delivers significant value to the enterprise acquiring or merging with other companies, you can immediately connect the organization to the corporation, integrating quickly and easily.

Make a Seamless Transition

If you fall into any of the above categories, it may be time for your enterprise to consider unified communications as a solution for your business. Transitioning to a cloud-based communications solution while enable your business innovate faster, scale easily, and become more agile during this digital transformation.

Want to learn more about how a UCaaS system can improve your business performance and benefit your bottom line? Contact our team today. We specialize in providing the consultative tools and experience to simplify the process of selecting a cloud-based contact center that will meet your current and future needs.

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