Top Trends in SD-WAN to Watch

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Digital business transformation is increasing the urgency for transforming wide area networks (WAN). Did you know that investments in SD-WAN are predicted to exceed $2 billion in 2020?

Enterprises of all sizes are taking advantage of the cost savings, improved End User Experience, and transport independence that SD-WAN offers. With this transformation, we’re cutting through the clutter to uncover the top trends to watch in relation to SD-WAN.

4 SD-WAN Trends to Watch

  1. The Cloud is the Network
    According to Gartner, 30-50% of large enterprise traffic is shifting to the cloud changing traffic flows and making traditional WAN a thing of the past. Legacy systems are no longer the most optimal option and enterprises are quickly moving to the cloud.
  2. A Rise in Bandwidth Requirements To maximize the potential of every meeting, your conference rooms need to be tailored to your employees’ and visitors’ needs to create an immersive experience. Regardless the size of the project, we can ensure precision from preparation to operation. MacroNet can help you install audio visual systems in any type of environment- including schools, commercial offices, enterprise-level workplaces, healthcare facilities and beyond.
    With technologies such as the cloud comes a thirst for large amounts of bandwidth. Enterprise WAN bandwidth keeps rising and in order to accommodate the latency, delivery, and resiliency needed, companies are seeking more network transport options. IT teams can be more creative with access types and options for network-based cloud connection points to shorten the hops to cloud apps. Network traffic is doubling every 3 years, reported by SDX Central, and 89% of enterprises list bandwidth and OPEX costs as the biggest branch office challenge. Operating in the cloud tends to result in greater ROI when it comes to both capital and operational costs.
  3. Network Independence
    Everyone wants independence to make their own choices, especially when it comes to technology. Cloud delivered SD-WAN enables independence from underlying transport, freedom to host applications anywhere, liberty for how services are delivered, and choice on how far you extend your wide area network. Simplicity of policy based routing and complete visibility into application performance is game changing for IT teams who make the move to SD WAN.
  4. Security is Top of Mind
    Not necessarily new information, but security remains the top network challenge for large enterprises and will continue to be of focus. We recommend embracing a multilayer approach with your strategy, assessing all your cloud-based security options.If this is a concern for your business, get in touch. We’re happy to consult with your team on your network security plan and how it interoperates with your SD-WAN network.

Contact our team to see how we can help you navigate the complicated space of SD-WAN and incorporate these trends into your networking strategy for 2020.

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