The Next Generation Data Center Trend You Need to Know: Colocation

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The global colocation market is expected to grow to over $62 billion by 2022. In this remote age, companies need a secure and modern data center in which to operate their IT equipment. How long could your organization afford to go without access to its IT systems? 

Colocation has become a viable option for companies looking to reduce the burden on operating an in-house data center.  Especially with the rapid growth of the remote workforce, we’re seeing more organizations explore hosting their equipment at third-party facilities such a as colocation facilities that are operated by a colocation services provider. 

Why are we witnessing this rapid growth?

While there are many reasons driving the growth of the colocation market, one of the key drivers we witness at MacroNet is the growth of data which companies store, secure, and manage. As companies use more IoT devices and invest in Big Data analytics, they are being forced to explore new data center solutions.  

This pace of data growth puts more pressure on businesses to meet data retention requirements, increase storage, and manage their data in a secure and compliant way.  

Key Benefits of Colocation

1. Hands-Off Operations

A company that hosts their equipment in a colocation facility (or colo) often leverages a colocation provider that handles most of the operational burden such as facility maintenance, security, utilities, networks, racks, and cages. The company no longer needs to worry about the operational tasks they would be responsible for if they operated their own disaster-proof facility.  

2. One-Stop Shop

colo often comes with other forms of support such as managed services. The provider may offer disaster recovery, cybersecurity, compliance, or cloud consulting services to help the company in areas they lack expertiseA strong colocation provider tends to have a wide portfolio of managed services that will help fill in gaps in expertise and provide the company with long-term support they need.  

3. Accelerated Digital Transformation

Everyday, there are changes in the market, new customer demands and expectations, and it can be difficult to keep up with these trends. Some colocation providers have the ability to help the company address and respond to these changes, enabling them to be more flexible and scalable for digital transformation. The provider can help the company implement new infrastructure quickly, make changes as needed, and have the cloud platform provider expertise to support their cloud infrastructure needs.  

4. Greater Resilience and Reliability

While IT disruptions still happen regardless of the precautions put in place, a colocation provider can help mediate this risk by managing the security and disaster recovery support to protect your data. Learn more about the importance of colocation to disaster recovery in our article here.

Explore if Colocation is Right for your Business

Looking for an added layer of support in selecting the colocation provider that aligns best with your business goals? MacroNet is here to help. With years of experience helping customers evaluate available colocation solutions and vendors, we will work with you to find the right fit for your team.


Scott Bryan
Founder and President

Scott Bryan, President and founder of MacroNetTM, focuses delivering global client solutions that leverage the industry-leading portfolio of carrier network services offered by Macronet.

Scott has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to founding Macronet, he was the Area Vice President for CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) in the New England area. During his 16 year tenure at CenturyLink, Scott held many management roles including Director of Sales Engineering, Director of Sales Support, and Director of Sales for global accounts in New York and New England.

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