The Latest Telecom Technology

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The Latest Telecom Technology

With digital transformation happening at a rapid pace, the telecom industry is always changing in order to keep up with the trends. We have uncovered three new trends that are transforming the telecom industry, sourced directly from our experts in the field.

Elevate Your Environment with Audio Visual Technology

MacroNet’s telecommunication technology capabilities include design, installation, documentation and support services for the many audio and visual products we offer. With the audiovisual industry expected to grow up to $325 billion by 2024, this is something that you don’t not want to skip out on. Luckily, we have all of the latest trends complied to make your next step that much easier.

3 technologies that are turning heads in the office:

    1. Interactive Whiteboards
      Universal collaboration at its best. We offer interactive whiteboard displays that are designed to help you deliver more dynamic presentations and conduct more meetings. We know that the traditional conference rooms can be hard to collaborate in, that’s why this trend is coming to the surface more recently.
      Interactive whiteboard displays are a multi-dimensional communication platform that enhance workflows, promote collaboration, and support effortless content sharing. With this technology, your team will see the difference in engagement in any meeting or training session. The interaction between the technology and the user keeps the whole room engaged and focused. Employees can access digital resources on a large touch-enabled surface and interact with content so that everyone can see.
    2. Custom AV and Acoustics in Conference Rooms To maximize the potential of every meeting, your conference rooms need to be tailored to your employees’ and visitors’ needs to create an immersive experience. Regardless the size of the project, we can ensure precision from preparation to operation. MacroNet can help you install audio visual systems in any type of environment- including schools, commercial offices, enterprise-level workplaces, healthcare facilities and beyond.
      Even if your conference room design and layout is flawless, bad acoustics can negatively affect the experience. Acoustic art panels can be designed and installed for any size room at any budget to absorb noise and improve the sound quality of any space.
    3. Video Conferencing
      With the several video conferencing solutions on the market these days, it can be confusing trying to find the best one to fit your needs. But there is one certainty, and that is the inconvenience that come along with the traditional conferencing equipment. That’s why we work with the top in the industry to help you have high quality video conference calls. Video conferencing offers a unique advantage for your workforce by enabling more effective meetings across the globe.

    Start Transforming

    Companies that are taking advantage of these emerging trends are setting the path for success and growth. Don’t fall behind, contact us today to see how we can help you on your telecom transformation journey!
    The above article was written and shared collaboratively with our partner, DGI Communications. Learn more about how DGI Communications and MacroNet can help your business choose the video conferencing software to take your productivity to the next level.

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