Service Provider Accountability: Pushing Back to Drive You Forward

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macronet how to hold your service provider accountable

The promise of implementing the latest network solution is attractive for obvious reasons. These reasons may include:

  • Reduced operational and capital expenses
  • Faster deployment times
  • Flexibility
  • Improved productivity

However, these benefits are outweighed if the service provider doesn’t deliver a quality customer experience or meet the needs of the workforce relying on them. As we increase reliance on service providers, holding them accountable becomes increasingly important to ensure that organizations are getting the support and partnership they’re paying for.

Ensuring Service Provider Accountability

Combined, our team has decades of experience and have witnessed various forms of vendor, customer relationships. Throughout this experience, we’ve found that customers desire more of an authentic and transparent relationship with vendors and without holding vendors accountable, they may miss out on the level and quality of service they deserve.

With service provider accountability as a key priority, our team developed a disciplined approach to documenting solutions that we refer to as “The Documented Design Process”. We’ve decided to share some insight on our process below, to help you in taking action in ensuring service provider accountability:

What is the Documented Design Process?

Our DocumentedDesign process is a methodology by which we collaborate with your IT team and other internal stakeholders to align business requirements with a realistic network plan.

We push hard on suppliers to ensure that they are proposing and documenting their best supportable solution that is central to your business requirements and objectives. At the completion of the implementation, we deliver final ‘as-built’ network diagrams, highlighting all functional demarcation points, diversity concerns, and service identifiers.

macronet documented design process

Our Approach

  • We Serve as an Extension of your Team: We believe in serving as your long-term business partner and desire to serve as an extension of your own team. We aim to be your go-to technology partner, every step of the way.
  • We Align Requirements with Realistic Plans: During every step of the project, we match potential vendors with our guidelines and business values to ensure that every level of service is met, every step of the way. Final “as-built’ network diagrams are completed upon service implementation, so we can confirm that every level of service is complete through the project lifecycle.
  • We Lead with Relationships and Experience: This isn’t our first rodeo and combined, our team has over a decade of experience in the industry. Additionally, we’re proud to have over 52 partners across various solution spaces within our partner network that can be incorporated into your strategic Documented Design plan. We believe in leveraging our relationships and experience to ensure that you receive the best possible account support.
  • We Enable a Seamless Process: From pre-sale, to post-sale, and beyond, we aim to deliver a seamless customer experience, from start to finish.

By leveraging a Documented Design process, we’ve built stronger relationships with both our vendors and customers. We take pride in architecting a process that is founded on accountability and transparency. Every step of the way, we ensure that the solution is central to the customer’s business needs resulting in a competitive advantage and improved profitability.

Learn more about how our Documented Design Process can benefit your next project.

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