Sourcing the Right SD-WAN Partner: A Supplier Checklist

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Choosing the right SD-WAN implementation partner is a critical component of deploying a successful global SD-WAN strategy and sourcing is a key component of the Macronet Methodology. We have many years of experience managing complex network bids and know how to maintain an even playing field while defining the best possible solutions from the selected respondents.

To ensure the bid process is seamless for our customers, we’ve developed a helpful supplier checklist to keep you focused during the evaluation process.

SD-WAN Supplier Checklist: 6 Items to Consider During the SD-WAN Evaluation Process


1.Total Cost of Ownership

Your partner should help you establish an in-depth baseline of predicted costs. Assess all current contracts and commitments and evaluate if the solution will reduce your costs. If the solution will result in cost savings in the long-term, what else can the supplier take on that will drive overall cost down and performance up?

2.Network Reach

One of the most important factors is the ability to reach your customers, employees, and partners reliably and consistently regardless of where they are. Reach can mean different things to different providers, so evaluate what it means to you. Some providers own their own fiber in limited geographies, handing off the traffic outside of major metro areas to local providers. Assess these conditions as your traffic may be subject to latency and performance issues. Other questions to consider, does their reach match your footprint? What SLAs are in place?

3.Optimum Routing for Cloud Applications

Evaluate what cloud applications your business uses and determine if they are hosted domestically or globally. This will help you identify latency requirements. Ask the provider how their solution will help or hinder traffic across global networks to and from these solutions.

4.Path Performance

Portability is another important factor. Identify if the solution can work across multiple access networks simultaneously and if paths are optimized for performance or for lowest cost.


Evaluate available features the provider offers with the solution. Visibility and reporting are important ones – what reporting capabilities do they offer, and what level of visibility will you have in your network?

6.Supplier History and Reputation

In addition to understanding the supplier’s portfolio, evaluate their reputation and history in the industry. How long has this solution been available? How mature is its capabilities? What level of experience do they have?

Implementing SD-WAN is not a short process. We encourage you to find a trustworthy partner to meet your needs. At Macronet, we know firsthand what it takes to successfully launch SD-WAN globally. We know the best teams in the business, can escalate issues quickly, and get you the answers you need to move forward. Learn more about our growing community of partners, here.

It’s all about relationships, and we hold some of the best in the industry which enable us to continue to make our customers happy while holding vendors accountable. Let us bring you the next level of knowledge you need to successfully implement a global SD-WAN strategy.

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