Post COVID-19 Business Challenges That are Met with Telecom Expense Management

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We’re amidst unprecedented times and a common thread we’re all witnessing and feeling is a heightened level of uncertainty. Businesses are experiencing a significant shift and are forced to pivot their strategy to adapt to this new normal. Two trends we’re seeing and projecting over the next 12 months are 

  1. A Growing Remote Workforce
  2. Business Downsizing and Layoffs

Both challenges pose significant cost and management challenges to medium and enterprises businesses. This new wave of remote work is enabled by ever-improving telecommunications bandwidths and more sophisticated technologies, while business downsizing will require flexible technologies and network scalability to avoid loss in costs.   

With this in mind, we’ve chosen to highlight three of the most significant challenges enterprises are facing when it comes to adapting their telecom strategy to this new normal. If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, a Telecom Expense Management solution may be a beneficial next step to help you prepare for a post-pandemic world.  

3 Common Telecom Challenges Faced by Companies Today:

1. Forecasting for Future Expenses

In this time of uncertainty, it’s even harder to get one step ahead and build a technology strategy that is proactive instead of reactive.  

2. Validating Telecom Invoice Accuracy

When you have hundreds or thousands of lines on bills and invoices there are bound to be errors. As your business scales (up or down) its important to get clarity and visibility into your invoicing. It’s also important to set limits and alerts for an added layer of protection.  

3. Managing and Maintaining an Accurate Telecom Service Inventory

An accurate inventory is the foundation and its hard to identify where you can save and reduce costs if you’re not sure what you have.  

Did you know that companies with 500 or more employees that fail to adequately manage mobile expenses may be overpaying by as much as 30%?

Learn more about the benefits of a Telecom Expense Management solution here.

As more businesses pivot to this new normal it’s important to evaluate how your organization will prepare for what comes your way. MacroNet can assist with your Telecom & Cloud Opex by bench-marking, governing and co-managing your monthly BPO.  Our focus narrows the evaluation of your telecom and cloud costs while not reducing infrastructure performance.   

Trust industry experts with 20+ years of experience governing, designing and implementing telecom and cloud-based infrastructure across 200+ vendors. Contact our team to have an introductory conversation and telecom expense assessment.  

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