4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Move to UCaaS

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Is it time for a change in your communications landscape?

Having a reliable phone and communications system may seem like a trivial thing, but without it, important communications can’t happen. Recruiting top talent, customer interaction, and remote collaboration all require collaborative communications solutions.

Unified communications (UC) may be a long-overdue solution for your business. Voice, messaging, and conferencing rolled into one platform provides consolidation in a world of application overload. Additionally, the pace of change in today’s world is so fast that enterprises need to embrace new tools to keep up with the future of work.

With a divers workforce spanning multiple generations, it can be difficult for enterprises to accommodate the vastly different communications and collaboration technologies. For an enterprise trying to react to this digital transformation, the combination of self-service and white glove service is key.

It’s critical for solution providers to enable agility and the opportunity to deploy quickly at scale. This is where moving to UCaaS or a unified communications solution comes in.

So, how do you know if its time for a chance? Seeing hundreds number of companies already make the switch, here are 4 clear signs its time to rethink your communications strategy:


1. Phone System Failure

Already experiencing issues with your current phone system? This is one of the first indicators its time to consider other options. If your hardware is experiencing some type of failure, you occasionally have minor outages, or if your system is completely shut down, the time to start the conversation is, now. Communication = profitability, and without a solid strategy in place, your business is at risk.

2. Expiring Contracts

If you currently have a contract with another Managed Service Provider (MSP), wo has maintenance agreements, handles upgrades, and/or operated your actual system, now is a great time to rethink your communications approach. If you do not renew or find another contract, your business is at risk. Do your due diligence to begin vetting other options, and finding the solution that can scale with your business.

3. Need to Innovate

Take a step back and reflect on your current business goals. Will your current communications strategy enable you to achieve those goals? Businesses are narrowing their focus on innovation and it imperative you adopt this mindset, especially in this age of digital transformation. Evaluate whether your communications strategy will be able to withstand your business’ growth and mobility. If you’re not convinced, now is a great time to reevaluate.

4. An Office Move

An office move is the perfect time to rethink your communications system, and your decision’s could significantly impact business productivity. You need to decide whether you carry over your previous phone system or start from scratch. For global organizations, this decision is even more imperative. The larger the company and the more locations, the more complex the system will be. The cloud enables companies to improve mobility, scalability, simplify their systems. Overall, the cloud will deliver more value by consolidating your communications.

Evaluating the Right Unified Communications Solution

A lot of companies can promise a solid, simplified, communications solution, but understanding what you’re actually getting is key. When rethinking your strategy, make sure that you fully understand the solution at hand and work with a partner that is experienced and has the knowledge to give you an additional layer of support. There are too many finite nuances that can make or break a decision, so leverage the experience of the partner that will ensure you get the most value.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the move to UCaaS?

Let’s chat! Our team would be happy to review your options and help you evaluate whether now is the right time to rethink your communications strategy.

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