SECaaS: The Modern Managed Security Solution

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With the advent of cloud computing came the growth of Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) offering the opportunity to fully manage and monitor your systems. Along with this growth, also came the concern of security. With trillions of dollars at stake, intellectual property, and security at risk, the adoption of cloud computing and modern managed security solutions have skyrocketed.

These modern managed security offerings are also referred to as SECaaS. By 2020, it’s predicted that 85% of large enterprises will use a cloud access security broker solution for their cloud services. Even further, 80% of organization’s IT budgets will be dedicated to cloud computing services within the next 16 months, with SECaaS (security-as-a-service) accounting for the second biggest slice of spending (79%).

Why SECaaS?

The security skills gap is one of the pressing issues that are pushing companies to turn to modern managed security. Its compelling that companies can enlist a partner or team that specializes in the delivery of security from and for the cloud to completely handle their needs. As a result, CISO’s are able to refocus their time and effort on the most business-critical tasks. Take a look at our recent blog post that dug deeper into this issue.

The Modern SECaaS Approach

The best SECaaS partners take a modern approach with a comprehensive solution that can offer more than just visibility. Response and remediations can be automated and orchestrated as they are detected.

As a result, companies leveraging managed security services are scaling and growing at faster speeds, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to implement the solution needs for their environment. They are effectively balancing the combination of cloud computing and security as they grow.

Why SECaaS marks the spot

  • More flexibility and scalability. Options and offerings are easy to update and change according to your needs. Components can easily be added or taken away in response to your needs.
  • Saves money and avoids waste. Some providers use fixed or annual contracts, but we find that many leverage a more flexible, consumption-based approach. This allows for companies to only pay for what they need, avoiding waste and saving costs.
  • Shorter time-to-value. SECaaS has lower upfront costs eliminating the needs for investment in capital assets and physical maintenance of aging infrastructure.

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How do I know SECaaS is the right solution?

Prior to moving forward, we encourage you to clearly outline your company’s needs. Break down and prioritize (1) what tasks you can handle in-house and (2) what tasks needs to be outsourced to a MSP.

Establish criteria for the provider that meets your business and security requirements and clearly understand the gaps between you and what you would like the MSP to fill.

A holistic SECaaS solution and MSP that is focused on proactive capabilities and activities can help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals looking to infiltrate your organization.

Need help determining if SECaaS is the right solution for you?

Let’s connect! Speaker with a member of our team, today. We would be happy to help you outline your business priorities and find the best SECaaS partner to fit your needs.

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