Use Case: Mastering PCI-Compliance Across SD-WAN

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Mastering PCI-Compliance Across SD-WAN

Use Case: Mastering PCI-Compliance Across SD-WAN

In many of our retail customers, we’re seeing common requirements that come with improving their networks – the need for increased speed and better security. With these goals in mind and the need to innovate with evolving technologies, our team had the opportunity to partner with a national retailer, with over two hundred stores nationwide, to build a custom, PCI-compliant SD-WAN solution. The objectives were clear: improve network bandwidth, enhance their security posture, and improve the end-user experience.

A need to evolve their network with SD-WAN

Our client originally came to our team with a traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) network that faced limited capabilities which included limited bandwidth, slower speeds, and security concerns related to PCI-compliance. The MacroNet team collaborated closely to advise on a solution that would accomplish our client’s goals while also deploying as quickly as possible to meet their timeline needs. Providing professional project management expertise in combination with technical knowledge and experience, MacroNet helped them navigate this journey.

A solution that revolutionized the end-user experience

The MacroNet team collaborated with the client to design a solution that would replace their TDM MPLS network with a resilient solution using available broadband and 4G wireless at each store. Managed SD WAN adds greater application visibility and performance, and a managed security solution incorporates simplified PCI reporting. All of this was achieved while meeting TCO objectives.

A hot conversation point for many retailers as of late are issues around PCI-compliance, and this was clearly a key concern for the client as well. Regulated by the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), any merchant that accepts, stores, or transmits cardholder data must comply with PCI standards. A top priority, MacroNet ensured that PCI-compliant security components were built into the structure from start to finish.

MacroNet supported the client in building secure WAN structures which included creating custom PCI-Complaint bundles that were built specifically for the client. This was a huge win, giving the client peace of mind knowing their network complied with PCI requirements and that their customer’s information was secure.

As a component of PCI compliance, MacroNet implemented event monitoring capabilities using event logging software. This implementation enabled the client to easily track event management filters and flagged security events in real-time. The building of this capability ensured that security lapses or risks were flagged and taken care of in a timely manner.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Reliability The new broadband SD WAN solution greatly improved uptime, reliability, and redundancy which had a great impact on the overall performance of their network.
  • Significantly More Bandwidth A significant improvement in bandwidth completely changed how their business integrated media into their in-store experiences. Today, they are able to quickly and easily pull up new forms of media as needed, that previously required intensive bandwidth.
  • Better Security Capabilities The custom PCI-compliant security bundles includes event tracking management and logging was also a huge win, improving their overall security posture.

1. Improved reliability 2. significantly more bandwidth 3. better security capabilities

Let us help to optimize your network experience

With numerous successful network implementations, we know what it takes to build your network with an unbiased and highly technical approach. We partner with the best in business and represent a long list of service providers who offer over 20 leading SD-WAN solutions.

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