The Impact of Unified Communications on Organizational Productivity

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Unified communications is one of the fastest growing sectors of the enterprise communication market and has been increasingly adopted by large global enterprises as their service contracts come up for expiration. The strategic decision to implement unified communications is powerful, since it addresses many issues in a new way, delivering an integrated platform where all applications can be used in one common environment.

As more organizations rapidly adopt and deploy cloud-based communication systems, they are witnessing the direct impact of UCaaS on organizational productivity, agility, and revenue. Keep reading to learn more about how a unified communications system improves business productivity from every angle of the organization:

Improved Employee Productivity

According to a recent report from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of telecommuting workers has increased 115% in the last decade. UCaaS has become a strong enabler for this growing lifestyle, allowing users to access all business communications from any registered device. In any business, time = money, and on average, it was found that employees who utilized unified communications systems saved approximately 32 minutes each day by not having to think about the best way to contact a colleague or client. In short, the less time employees spend switching communication channels and deciding on the best way to communicate, the more productive they will be and the more money the organization will save.

Improved Team-Based Productivity 

Working in teams, effective communication is a necessity, and with today’s diverse workforce and decentralized operations, it can be rare that teams find the time to meet in-person all at once. “On the go” and “location agnostic” have become daily realities. A strong UCaaS system provides teams with a consistent end-user experience where team members can collaborate seamlessly in real time. High availability promotes the persistent and unpredictable nature of today’s teams so last-minute conversations are never an issue and users can be added quickly to existing conversations. Seamlessly aligned with the behaviors of modern digital teams, cloud-based communications support improved collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency among teams. Learn more about some of the options you have when it comes to voice and unified communications for your business.

Improved Organizational Productivity

From an organizational level, one of the greatest productivity influencers is the speed of deployment. Businesses have the freedom to choose whether to deploy new applications to all users or to single departments as soon as they are available. UCaaS systems also provide greater flexibility to rollout systems without excessive IT time and resource commitments that are commonly associated with legacy deployment models. As a result, businesses experience reduced maintenance and support time and save money, as there is no need to plan and implement system updates.

Are you ready to get the most out of your network? 

UCaaS have been adopted by organizations for the past 5 years, but the industry is now seeing a rapid adoption rate by large global enterprises as their service contracts come up for expiration. Contact the MacroNet team, today to discuss how a Unified Communications solution can not only better your organizational productivity but improve your bottom line. 

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