Harnessing the Power of a Secure End-to-End SD-WAN Solution

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As cloud computing continues momentum to be one of the most rapidly adopted new technologies paired with the growing mobile workforce, enterprises are looking more closely at their future network needs.

While many see the value in a SD-WAN, providers are learning that SD-WAN can offer even better connectivity when its applied as an end-to-end solution servicing the edge, the core, and the cloud. When these components are defined to fit together on a seamless network solution, the organization experiences better performance, improved reliability, and lower latency.

What is a Secure End-to-End SD-WAN Approach?
While basic SD-WANs provide the equivalent of a VPN service, a secure end-to-end SD-WAN provides more comprehensive, end-to-end security capabilities.

Implementing an end-to-end approach requires that SD-WAN be applied not just as on overlay, but to connect edge traffic into the core networking at the nearest IP entry point. This allows optimal routing to be placed as close to the end-user as possible and requires that the virtual gateway be accessed to route and optimize application performance as part of the global network.

Why Should I take an End-to-End SDWAN Approach?
While there are many benefits, below are some of the most notable we have seen from an enterprise perspective:

  • Enterprises have greater control for analytics
  • Enterprises can mix up the types of traffic, but also have access to the virtual gateway
  • The use of a backbone connection allows for better performance and lower latency
  • If the enterprise is in a growth period, they can segment out network traffic or bridge networks as needed

Overall, a secure end-to-end SDWAN solution is a more consistent and efficient way to manage your WAN transformation. Centrally configured security policies are far more consistent due to fewer human errors than with a traditional SD-WAN model that often require configuring policies on a device-by-device basis. When a change is needed, the network is programmed to push nodes across the network resulting in significant improvements to operational efficiency and security posture.

Let Us Help Make Your WAN Transformation a Reality

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Gary Sloper
Managing Partner, Co-Founder MacroNet Services

Gary Sloper is responsible for the Global Consulting practice focused on Solution Design, Cost Reduction, Management and Strategy for customers.

Prior to Macronet Services, Gary was the VP of Solution Engineering & Customer Success for Dyn a DNS & Edge Security company who exited to Oracle for over $500 Million.  Post-acquisition, Gary continued to lead those global teams and product set, powering Oracle’s Gartner leading IaaS portfolio.

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