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With mounting security and compliance concerns especially with the growing adoption of cloud-based infrastructure, the global SOC as a Service market is projected to grow from $471 Million in 2020 to $1.65 Billion by 2025. While not every organization needs a security operations center (SOC), it is important to consider as risks intensify and there a number of vendors who offer SOC as a Service support so companies don’t need to invest in staffing their own SOC.

What is SOC as a Service?

While there are many variations, SOC as a Service vendors provide a range of network monitoring, threat detection, and risk mitigation support. Each vendor is unique and offers their own collection of services which makes carefully evaluating vendors even more important.

Today, we’re seeing SOC as a Service companies offer a range of networking and security support. Some possess specific security specializations while others started out as managed security vendors. Others focus solely on endpoint or detection security.

Today, we’re seeing a number of these vendors provide access to cloud-based platforms that offer security orchestration and automation capabilities that notify you of risks and prioritize threats.

Why outsource my security operations?

One of the key drivers to outsource is that building and staffing your own SOC can be a significant investment – both operationally and financially. To add to the complexity, cyber threats are evolving faster than ever and the skills you need to have at the ready are difficult to find.

Outsourcing these needs makes managing and monitoring your network and computing infrastructure easier and more cost-effective so you can focus more on what moves the needle for your business.

How to Evaluate a SOC as a Service Vendor: 5 Important Factors to Consider

It is important to understand what actual services the vendor offers – what they will monitor, how they will monitor, and how their technology will interact with your existing servers or network infrastructure.

Below are 5 factors to consider when evaluating a SOC as a Service vendor:

1. What are you paying for?

It may seem simple, but understand how many servers, endpoints, or applications you will be protecting and monitoring. Also inquire what the vendor offers beyond purely monitoring. This answer should help you understand how the vendor differentiates itself and if they possess other security specializations. Another good question to ask is if you will need to install any software, agents, or servers on their behalf. Understand what will be required of you should you decide to go with them.

2. Can they start with a proof-of-concept?

Some vendors begin with a small proof-of-concept with a few endpoints to see how the program works and what traffic is captured. If the vendor offers this opportunity, take advantage so you can evaluate if the solution will work for you, before expanding to a wider deployment.

3. What is their geographic distribution for your SOC location?

Some vendors will focus on a single SOC location while others will place them in different continents. Varying the geographic distribution often means they are able to take advantage of better internet connectivity or offer disaster recovery support. Understand the providers available locations and their plan to distribute your data.

4. What do they specialize in?

Coming back to the origin of many SOC companies today, understand where they came from and if they specialize in any specific security categories. This will help you understand if they use proprietary technology or have strengths in other areas that you could leverage.

5. How do they train and staff their team?

Since their employees will be the boots on the ground managing and monitoring your systems, understand their strategy behind training and staffing. What certifications and skill level do they require of their employees? Do they outsource their own talent?

Keep Your Cloud Infrastructure Secure

With growing security and compliance concerns, SOC as a Service may be a smart investment for your business. If you are looking to find the right provider, MacroNet can help. Let us help you build toward a safer tomorrow.

Accurately and continuously prevent and reduce the impact of malicious threats to your business anywhere your data goes. Learn more about MacroNet’s Information Security offerings here.

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