AI, Analytics, and the Future of the Contact Center

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Contact centers are undergoing a significant technology-driven transformation. Traditionally a back-office function focused on operational performance, today’s modern contact center is taking a more strategic role, namely, to deliver optimum customer experiences that result in increased revenue.

We’ve identified two fundamental components that are driving this transformation:

  1. A shift to the cloud. Enterprises are rapidly moving legacy on-premise contact centers into the cloud.
  2. An openness to next-generation technology. The cloud opens the door to new technology that makes transformation a viable idea.

Industry numbers prove this – the global cloud-based contact center market is expected to grow from what was $6.8 billion in 2017 to $93 billion by 2022! With this in mind, we’ve found more organizations leveraging new technologies to better understand their customers’ needs and deliver them better experiences. Both Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics are intelligent tools that are being used to improve the cloud contact center experience – here’s why…

How Organizations are Creating an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center:

1.Artificial Intelligence

AI is quickly transforming every part of the contact center experience. AI opens a gateway for organizations to access vast quantities of data, from call detail records, to full recordings of every call. Using speech recognition and advanced learning methods, organizations are taking it to the next level to use AI to train machine-learning models. Some of the ways we’ve seen AI used in the contact center:

  • Virtual Agents – replacing interactive voice response and the role of agents
  • Agent Support – using AI to guide and prompt live agents the next best action
  • Business Insight – transforming unused voice recordings into valuable business insights
  • Quality Assurance – using AI to score and rate agent engagements

2. Analytics

Access to advanced data and analytics has been key to driving performance and KPI results that motivate agents to deliver better customer experiences. Some examples of what is being used today include real-time analytics of customer interactions, improved customer data analytics, and agent performance analytics tools.

Organizations that leverage these data points gain a competitive advantage when agents better understand how their activities impact the overall success of their teams.

With the shift to the cloud and these advances in technologies, organizations can capture what is actually happening in their contact center and use this insight to deliver better experiences for their customers.

If you haven’t started thinking about how these technologies will impact your contact center, let’s have a conversation. Not only do you have the opportunity to reduce costs and improve productivity, but you’ll also be able to scale quickly and efficiently with the help of these cloud technologies.

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