Evolution of the Cloud Contact Center

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The Evolution of the Cloud Contact Center

For many companies, contact centers are a vital part of business operations. They’re where problems get solved and customer relationships are savedCustomer expectations are shifting with consumers not only wanting but needing faster, more reliable, and efficient service. The same is true for companies, they are seeking more, especially when it comes to the customer experience.  This upward battle for both the customer and businesses is one of the many reasons we’re finding that business with contact centers are moving to the cloud and investing in contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions.

However, we know that for those using the traditional contact center, making the switch to the Cloud can be daunting at the least. That is why we have outlined the top five compelling advantages of adopting contact center as a service (CCaaS) Solutions with you in mind. And we also know that while the benefits are strong, you still may be hesitant to make a change- that’s why we are here to show you that the industry is evolving and to answer any questions you may have about this change.  


The Three Main Questions That Are Being Asked:

  1. Why operate contact centers in the cloud?
    This is often one of the very first questions we get asked when a company is in the initial stages of looking for a new solution. And while there are many benefits attributed to moving to the Cloud Contact Center, there are three main points that we always call out. The first being the inherent scalability and flexibility that comes along with it. Cloud contact center solutions require minimal on-site hardware or software, allowing businesses the ease and flexibility to scale phone lines and features up and down in real-time.  Additionally, you will have the ability to outsource maintenance and upgrades. The cloud contact center allows you to outsource the implementation, housing, operations, and your daily maintenance requirements for your contact center all to one single vendor. This allows you to optimize internal IT resources while providing great technology to global contact center clients.  Lastly, the cloud contact center allows more improved workforce communication. Making it easier for employees to work from home means that you can attract more potential employees as well. Cloud-based technologies can cut down the costs of home-based employees and allow organizations to access a better talent pool at a lower cost with the flexibility to scale talent as volume increases.
  2. How is it changing the industry?
    You probably hear it a lot: ‘the cloud contact center is revolutionizing the industry’, but how? Perhaps its easiest to look at all the facts to be able to digest all that the cloud contact center is capable of. It is shifting the industry towards more readily available services. This means that you can now accomplish things at your fingertips- without even needing to leave your house. This sort of change excites us, and we want to help you capitalize on it. This makes the customer experience even better, and this is certainly a change that you will see in your bottom-line.  Business is being done like never beforeWhen you expand your reach to multiple countries and regions, cloud-based communications have the capability to provide a deep local inventory of numbers and unrivaled reliability through global carrier connectivity. This allows you to skip the contract negotiations with carriers in every country in which you do business. Because APIs are based in the cloud, you can get instant multi-region connectivity and on-demand phone numbers from one platform. Now, you are able to provide a local experience from anywhere in the world.  
  3. What do Businesses need to keep in mind? 
    Keep in mind that while it is a big change- it is well worth it. Cloud-based contact centers are now a proven technology that offer a unified approach for handling multi channel customer interactions with real-time visibility into performance and tools to optimize employee productivity. The cloud model also ensures that you can plan for future business needs and take advantage of feature roll-out without complex and costly upgrades. Most importantly, you need to have a trusted leader on your side to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters. We know that this is no easy feat- that’s why we are here!  

Maximize your customer experience investment with CCaS

Being truly customer-centric means bridging the gap with your customer to being satisfaction and loyalty to new heights. While contact center as a service may be a new way of thinking strategically about your communications, the customer experience can be a deal breaker – don’t let it be a deal breaker for your business 

With numerous successful customer implementations, we know what it takes to build an excellent contact center in the cloud. With our knowledge, expertise, and partner relationships, MacroNet can help you source the best CCaaS partner options to help you succeed. 

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