How to Empower Customer Service Teams using Cloud Communications

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How to Empower Customers Service


How to Empower Customer Service Teams using Cloud Communications

Customer experience (CX) is quickly becoming a powerful differentiator for consumers when it comes to choosing who to do business with. This means that organizations must go above and beyond when it comes to delivering fast and effective customer service.

While the customer experience (CX) is clearly a top priority for leadership, delivery often falls to those in the front-line, in contact center or customer service roles. The question remains – how do we empower frontline employees to deliver the best experience possible?

When customers reach out to businesses, they expect an immediate response, easy interactions, and quick resolutions. From a technology perspective, operating this communication in the cloud is where the opportunity lies.

Moving your communications to the cloud is the most effective way to deliver these aspects, satisfy the demand of your customers, and provide your front-line employees the tools they need to deliver unbeatable customer service.

Here are 5 ways cloud-based communications can empower your customer services teams:

  1. Gives the Customer More Access A great experience means giving the customer control and access to the right agent at the right time. Traditional systems bring limitations that restrict access to agents that are physically present in the contact center. In the cloud, these restrictions are lifted, and flexibility is gained.
  2. Enables Remote Work Cloud-based technologies open up a huge opportunity to bring in remote agents that can login and access the same communication applications from any location, using any device. Remote work has become increasingly popular, and gives both you and your employees flexibility when and where you need it.
  3. Better Staffing Flexibility Having the opportunity to hire remote workers helps businesses respond to spikes in demand for customer service support. With the ability to bring in remote agents as soon as queues start building, releases some of the frustration that comes with seasonal hiring. Agent licenses can quickly be added and removed as needed with no physical infrastructure changes required.
  4. Improves Availability Operating in the cloud will give the opportunity to support different time zones and language requirements. This also opens additional opportunities for businesses to broaden their skills pool.
  5. Enables Seamless Interaction One of the most important pieces of the customer experience are the people responsible for delivering this service. Making this experience easier for the employee and empowering them to deliver excellent service can be enabled using cloud-based technology. Cloud-based communication tools and collaboration platforms offer a consumer-like experience, making it easy for agents to interact with colleagues and customers in ways they are familiar with.

Digital transformation in the workplace is happening and has great benefits to the customer experience (CX), especially when it comes to influencing customer service and contact center operations. Leveraging cloud-based communications platforms will enable your business to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, and give your customers the experience they deserve.

How to Empower Customers Service with Cloud Communications

Maximize your customer experience investment with CCaaS

Being truly customer-centric means bridging the gap with your customer to being satisfaction and loyalty to new heights. While contact center as a service may be a new way of thinking strategically about your communications, the customer experience can be a deal breaker – don’t let it be a deal breaker for your business

With numerous successful customer implementations, we know what it takes to build an excellent contact center in the cloud. With our knowledge, expertise, and partner relationships, MacroNet can help you source the best CCaaS partner options to help you succeed.

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