3 Crucial Questions to Consider When Choosing a Unified Communications Partner

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3 Crucial Questions to Consider When Choosing a Unified Communications Provider

You did it – after educating your team on all the valuable business benefits of adopting UCaaS, you’re ready to implement. So, what’s next? How do you ensure that your UCaaS partner is a good fit?

The number of Unified Communications vendors is on the rise. Choosing the right provider, you ensure that you’re taking advantage of all the great benefits that UCaaS has to offer – making the wrong choice could result in a significant determinant to your business.

What steps can you take during the UCaaS partner selection process?

Our team is proud to have supported hundreds of companies during this transition, and we’ve found a few common trends that are important to be aware of.

In order to strategically evaluate your options, there are several tactics we leverage. Below, we’ve broken down 3 key components of our process that have helped our customers evaluate potential UCaaS options.

If you cannot affirmatively answer “yes” to most of the following, it may be time to consider advancing to the next provider on your list:

3 Questions to Consider in Evaluating Potential UCaaS Partners


Did they Perform a Thorough Analysis of your Requirements?

One of the first steps a vendor should take in learning more about your business is performing a thorough analysis to clearly outline your requirements. You should openly discuss your common pain points and what value you are looking to achieve. Your potential vendor should make that value tangible, easy to understand so they can clearly outline the impact it will have upon your business.


Did they Perform a Deep Dive into Your Other Business Units?

Another helpful tactic that our team leverages is gathering feedback and input from other business units in the organization. Often times, the push to a unified communications solution may come from one business department, but the solution as whole impacts the entire organization. To gather the input of other business units, our team conducts conversations with other departments such as sales, customer support, and operations, to gather their feedback and keep a full-picture outlook. Ensure that your potential vendor takes the big-picture route since UC touches every aspect of the organization.


Did they offer to Build a Proof Of Concept?

If you’re still unsure if their proposed UCaaS solution will work for you, ask for them to build a proof of concept (POC). This is standard step in our process that helps our customers visualize all of the benefits a unified communications solution can bring to their team. Businesses are often naïve on the vast benefits that result, so building a real-life reference for them to evaluate can help capture exactly how their team can benefit.

The Bottom Line

With the explosive shift in the virtual workforce, the need for improved collaboration, efficiency, and agility is greater than ever. During your UCaaS selection process, it’s important that you understand what’s at stake and ensure that the solution will work for your team.

At MacroNet, our team’s number one goal is to serve as a value-added layer of support for your business. We take pride in representing all the key leaders in the UCaaS marketplace including RingCentral, 8×8, Fuze, Zoom, DialPad, WestIP, and Skype for Business. In addition, we have partners who are the best in the business at the design, installation, documentation and support services for the many audio and visual products we offer.

Having hands-on and in-depth experience with each of these UCaaS providers, our team is able to take a unique approach in designing and sourcing solutions that best meet your unique communications requirements. We are here to help you vet your options and determine which vendors will deliver the best solution to fit your needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s begin with an open conversation around your business and communications objectives. From there, let us build out a proof of concept so you can give a full view into how a UCaaS solution can benefit your business. 

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