Enterprise Business Drivers for Adopting IaaS

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In today’s fast-paced, competitive market, there is already enough pressure to innovate especially for organizations that are concerned about fast tracking their analytics infrastructure. As a result, more enterprises are turning to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), adding a software management layer to allocate resources with the goal to maximize hardware efficiencies.

IaaS is an instant computing infrastructure subscription that allows for rapid scaling on demand and a cost model that allows the organization to pay only for the resources they use. This consumption model allows for the organization to avoid procuring and managing physical infrastructure, but they can install, configure, and manage their own operating systems, middleware, and applications.

Some of the biggest names in the IaaS book include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud have their own specializations and niche services offer a diverse offering of specializations and niche services that appeal to enterprises of all verticals and sizes.

As we watch the rapid growth of IaaS, we’re finding several common business drivers for enterprises adopting IaaS structures:


Minimized Capital Expense

Often, one of the key driving factors of companies considering new technologies or infrastructure is cost, and IaaS offers tangible benefits to the enterprise. When an organization adopts an IaaS infrastructure there is no longer a need to invest in expensive hardware or invest extensive time in data management. Since the back up of servers, maintenance fees, and other concerns are no longer handled in-house, IT teams can focus on directing the vision of the business.


High Availability

IaaS can also provide more reliable and highly available support in the face of a performance-hampering disaster. Enterprises that leverage IaaS services experience greater levels of operational performance that can keep up with the pressure and requirements around routine daily activities. IaaS services additionally provide high-level, consolidated disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, further reducing costs and increasing manageability.


Improved Efficiency

Reducing IT support, an IaaS structure allows IT departments to focus on software and platform concerns while the CIO and management can direct digital transformation and other progress in line with their strategic business goals. Enterprises often experience a shift in focus after implanting an IaaS structure by focusing more on critical business objectives instead of infrastructure headaches.


Greater Scalability

IaaS provides an extraordinary level of flexibility and scalability that is not possible with on-premise infrastructure. IaaS services can accommodate larger workloads and the cost model results in the enterprise paying for only what they use. Additionally, because of competitive industry pressures, IaaS suppliers are compelled to offer the latest cutting-edge technologies, driving innovation for the organization.


Service providers around the world offer many flavors of IaaS. At MacroNet, we specifically offer dozens of options to choose from, with services in various countries around the world. Some of our providers include the biggest names in IaaS such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Whether you are looking to deploy a small instance, a hybrid environment, or plan a complete transformation, there are many service deployment and consultative options to help facilitate your move.

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