Amplifying Your Office Communications with Collaboration Rooms

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Amplifying Your Office Communications with Collaboration Rooms

Have you ever had an unproductive workplace meeting? Chances are that your conference room plays into this. In fact, the overall design and layout of your conference room directly impacts employee engagement, which goes hand in hand with how productive your meetings are. In order to get the most out of your meetings, your conference room should be tailored to the needs of your employee’s and visitor’s needs, creating an immersive experience.

Because of the growing desire to have a space that employees can be productive in, we have seen an emerging trend pop up in the recent years. Enter, collaboration rooms.

So, what is a Collaboration Room?

A collaboration room ranges from a small huddle room to a large board room, and everything in between. Collaboration rooms optimize any room in your office space using technology, lighting, and the integration of advanced features. You need a partner that is continually investing in cutting-edge equipment and stays up to date on conference room design trends in order to have the best collaboration room.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of conference room design and audio-visual services including:

  1. LED video walls
    With the implementation of LED video walls into your conference room, you are able to transform an ordinary space into a collaborative and exciting one. Video walls range from a few panels to hundreds of panels in just about any configuration that you can imagine! These walls offer a wide range of options and add an extra special element to presentations, advertisements, and movies. Some features that you can enjoy with your LED video wall include:

    • Indoor or outdoor installation
    • Touch sensitive and interactive
    • Create one large image or multi-view images
  2. Zoom Video Conferencing
    We’ve all been there- we’re on a conference call and there is some sort of challenge. These challenges are a part of the traditional conferencing equipment and lead to unreliable systems. Video conferencing with Zoom is at the forefront of modern video communications, delivering the best, most consistent meeting experience. And if you aren’t sold yet on their enhanced HD video and audio quality, Zoom also supports up to 500 video participants in a single meeting. Additionally, Zoom can be integrated with your other trusted systems and software, including calendar systems so you can join meetings in just one click. With features like Room Scheduling, Meeting Recording, Meeting Transcription and Digital Signage, Zoom offers the best meeting tools at an affordable price.
  3. AV integration and installation
    Communicating effectively to employees, staff, students, parents, customers and visitors can be a challenge — especially when so many things compete for our attention. Using digital HD video, interactive content and collaborative presentation systems helps companies engage viewers and ensures your message is both seen and understood.>Regardless the type of space you need video capabilities for, we can guarantee that our team will work closely with you to design an audio-visual solution for your workplace.

How to Incorporate Collaboration Rooms in your Business?

There is no doubt that collaboration rooms are the way of the future when it comes to communications for your business. Keeping all members, employees and customers on board during a meeting can be a challenge. Don’t let outdated video conferencing tools stand in the way and create even more challenges. Contact our team today to see how we can seamlessly integrate a collaboration room into your organization.

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