5 Compelling Advantages of Adopting CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)

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5 compelling advantages of adopting contact center as a service

Customer expectations are changing with consumers wanting faster, more reliable, and efficient service. Companies are also seeking more, especially when it comes to the customer experience. This upward battle for both the customer and businesses is one of the many reasons we’re finding that business with contact centers are moving to the cloud and investing in contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions.

What is Contact Center as a Service?

Contact Center as a Service also known as CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience solution that provides the same capabilities of traditional on-premises contact centers – PBX, advances interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, email, text, chat, social media – but are all delivered seamlessly via the cloud from a single vendor.

Top 5 Advantages of Adopting Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Solutions

  1. Fast One of the main differentiators for running contact centers in the cloud is the ability to get started fast. While traditional contact centers may take months, if not longer, to get up and running, a contact center in the cloud using a CCaaS solution could be running in days.
  2. Easy to Operate Unlike complex on-premise systems, cloud-contact center solutions are built with the user in mind. One of our partners, Five9, has really brought this value to the table. Their technology is easy enough for the nontechnical stakeholder to operate and is intuitive enough that little-to-no training is required for your agents and team.
  3. Affordable The cloud makes it simple – only pay for what you need. We find that most CCaaS providers offer a subscription or pay as you go model which will help you mitigate and control costs. No need to purchase extra servers, additional floor space, power, or maintenance. With little to no upfront investment and low operating costs you will only pay for the resources you use while also saving valuable time and IT resources.
  4. Scalable and Secure One of the universal benefits of operating a cloud contact center solution is that it allows for businesses to scale to meet the needs of their business and customer. Additionally, secure with firewalls, intrusion prevention, and vulnerability management systems to protect your data, the cloud can be much safer than most data on-premise. If you find the right CCaaS partner to meet your security needs, they will be able to effectively safeguard your infrastructure, applications, and operations against breaches and unforeseen events.
  5. Results in Happier Customers Contact centers are often your first line of defense with your customer, and too frequently do these experiences fall short – endless on-hold times, ineffective agents, and inconsistencies lead to awful customer experiences which can in turn jeopardize your business.

CCaaS solutions are built with the customer in mind and using top-of-the-line technology, continue to evolve to fit the way people work and communicate today. Using a CCaaS solution you are able to engage better, respond faster, and empower your agents. Bridging the divide between multiple communication channels, you can deliver a seamless experience and communicate with your customers in the way they prefer. Delivering an all-around, omnichannel experience will increase customer loyalty and overall customer satisfaction.
The 5 advantages of ccaas

Maximize your customer experience investment with CCaaS

Being truly customer-centric means bridging the gap with your customer to being satisfaction and loyalty to new heights. While contact center as a service may be a new way of thinking strategically about your communications, the customer experience can be a deal breaker – don’t let it be a deal breaker for your business

With numerous successful customer implementations, we know what it takes to build an excellent contact center in the cloud. With our knowledge, expertise, and partner relationships, MacroNet can help you source the best CCaaS partner options to help you succeed.

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