3 Reasons SD WAN Accelerates Business Agility

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In the information technology arena, there is one constant – change. Rapidly responding to change in a productive and cost-effective way is critical for today’s businesses. Strategically aligned with the evolving technology landscape, SD WAN enables IT teams to be more adaptable, flexible and efficient in their everyday work. Increasingly, enterprises are refocusing their efforts to the cloud, resulting in a rapid growth and adoption rate of software-defined WAN. A forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that worldwide SD WAN infrastructure and service revenues will reach $8.05 billion in 2021, confirming the industry’s behavior in embracing this networking technology.  

As enterprises seek to deploy more intelligent wide area network solutions with secure connectivity to cloud-based solutions around the globe, below are Reasons you should consider SD WAN to accelerate Business Agility 

1. SD WAN Improves Flexibility 

Cloud-based applications are quickly becoming a key differentiator for modern businesses in large part due to their ability to easily scale up or down depending upon requirements. Due to their manual management demands and complex nature, traditional legacy networks are forming roadblocks for many modern businesses. Software-defined WAN clears these roadblocks by simplifying network complexity and increasing flexibility in responding to technology demands. In addition to increased infrastructure scalability, SD WAN provides organizations with complete transport independence with the ability to choose multiple providers from 4G LTE, MPLS, Internet, to Wireless, while still maintaining a premium Quality of Service (QoS).  

2. Unifies and Centralizes Security 

With the need to get up and running quickly, security can be a key concern of enterprises moving to a software-defined WAN architecture. While some may question the security of the cloud, SD WAN can alternatively make networks more secure. Providing centralized control and orchestration, the organization has the power to control all network branches interdependently, resulting in improved communication and connection between all facets of the network. Another key value is that SD WAN unifies secure connectivity over all transports while supporting transport independence. Overall, enterprises adopting wide area networking technologies will have greater visibility and control into their wide area network so they can catch problem points faster and earlier in the process. Learn more about how you can ensure that your systems are secure on a global scale here.

3. Increases Cost Savings with Automation

Connecting geographically dispersed locations can be expensive and difficult to manage. SD WAN provides an efficient and cost-effective way to connect all facets of the network in a streamlined and automated way. Offering an intelligent management layer to the network, SD WAN allows for many tasks to be automated removing the need for intense manual labor and reducing the need for expensive hardware. The additional provisioning of resources can be easily automated and centrally controlled making networks more adaptable to changing conditions.  


Are you ready to get the most out of your network? 

With many of years of experience in the design and deployment of large global networks, MacroNet has been heavily involved in the evaluation of leading SD WAN service offerings. Contact our team today to discuss how we can simplify the process of evaluating SD WAN solutions for your network.  

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